PPT-TIMER ® is a visual and auditive timer to be inserted in your PPT presentation, for workshops exercises, brainstorm sessions, design sprints, presentations or even daily meetings. 

No need for physical devices or third party apps.

The ppt-timer ® are provided in the form of a Microsoft™ PowerPoint file so you can insert in your presentation (next to your content, or in a single slide) and project it.

Visual timer

The ppt-timer ® allows everyone to “see and perceive the remaining time for a certain activity” in a very intuitive way.

Visual and sound aids for and efficient and intuitive timekeeping experience.

Additional to the visual information, the ppt-timer ® also uses sound to inform the beginning, the end, and the beginning of the end of a specific activity, in a non-distractive manner.

Automating the timekeeping task for face-to-face or remote presentations/ workshops.

By automating the timekeeping task allow the facilitator to focus on people and content. No more “how much time left” or “please finish now!”. PPT-TIMER ® is timekeeper’s new best friend!